How We Help

The Applied Concepts Group specializes in developing customized solutions that meet the needs of our partners.  No two projects are exactly alike, yet all draw on a set of well-honed skills developed by working with clients across a wide array of industries and challenges. These experiences have given us insights into what can and cannot be done as well as how change happens.  We work with individual leaders and executives providing coaching and counseling, as well with boards of directors or trustees.  Our skills include research, group facilitation, team building, strategic planning, business planning, corporate ventures, and organizational development and design.  We believe strongly in the use of objective data as an anchor for creativity and team development.  Central to all of our work is the commitment to fostering the dialogue, communication and collaborative skills that allow shared visions to emerge.    

Over the years, we have worked with leaders and organizations in higher education, health, philanthropy, arts and culture, economic development, financial services, and more.  

Some examples of successful efforts of our Group include:
  • Guiding the board and president of a major foundation through a strategic planning process, setting priorities and facilitating organizational restructuring
  • Designing and guiding a dialogue-driven, year-long visioning process for a team of leaders from across a college campus for presentation to the president and board of directors. 
  • Facilitating the board and staff decision making process for a new health sciences museum and educational center in New Jersey
  • Developing three separate positioning analyses and comprehensive strategic plans for a private, New York university that have helped re-establish credibility, quality and financial stability after a period of significant challenge
  • Guiding a board committee and senior staff through the creation of  a business plan and a strategic plan for a major community and cultural center that led to significant growth and major capital contributions
  • Conducting a market, organizational and financial analysis leading to a strategic business plan for a college-based performing and visual arts facility
  • Helping the senior executive create a more entrepreneurial and cooperative culture within a large, well-established nonprofit organization through team planning, goal-setting, and enhanced communications
  • Guiding leaders of area hospitals, corporations and community organizations through a health assessment and plan for an underserved urban community
  • Strengthening and establishing a new working relationship between board and staff of a small opera company and guiding them through their strategic planning process
  • Facilitating a cross-section of New Jersey leaders in the design of a more effective public health system for the state, resulting in implementation of new statewide regulations
  • Helping the leadership of all sectors in a county formulate a long term healthy vision for the people living in the county